Jonas Petrik

I'm Jonas Petrik - Senior Software Engineer Team Lead

I'm a seasoned full-stack software engineer, specializing in PHP, JavaScript, GO and various other technologies. Leveraging extensive experience as a senior developer and team lead, my expertise lies in creating solutions that are not only tailored to client's immediate needs but also scalable and future-proof. I'm dedicated to effective collaboration, risk management, and building enduring systems.

What others say about me

“When I joined, Jonas very quickly (I believe it was in the first day or two) stood out from the rest of my new colleagues as a strongly goal oriented, let's-cut-through-the-nonsense professional. He and I quickly and easily agreed to maintain very direct and transparent communication for the sake of both speed and clarity of collaboration. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on Jonas's programming skills, but I can vouch for his experience with both my hands. He doesn't look into flashy and fancy solutions, but always puts functionality, maintainability and performance first - the cool and trendy stuff, if fitting the picture, is considered a good bonus on top, but not the main focus for him. Speaking from the perspective of DevOps and Infrastructure, such an attitude is pure gold - not because modern solutions and approaches to solving problems are bad, but because they aren't always mature enough. Jonas won't let something fitting this description slip through and make everyone's life a living nightmare! Although considerately outspoken and vocal, I also find Jonas an introspective and quite self-aware expert. When entering a topic or an area he's not deeply familiar with, he would always start with an open disclaimer about it and would respectively tag his comments as ideas, rather than instructions to solving a problem. The latter would in fact be a sensible description of his style of work altogether - he doesn't impose his thoughts and suggestions, no matter how good these are, but always discussed them with his colleagues to reach the most optimal solution and implementation possible. All this said, I can't skip the fact Jonas and I have (naturally, I would say) had our disagreements and heated discussions, but it has always been at a very professional level. He's simply not the type of person who would put up with something that's either not working well or is overly complicated to deal with - rest assured, he'd speak up his mind! Which is even more of a reason for me to recommend Jonas as an excellent colleague, whom one can truly only appreciate working with.”

February 20, 2024
Daniel Motzev
Daniel Motzev
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